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Writing a book is not easy. It’s the sort of thing everyone wants to do, because you don’t in theory need anything except the ability to actually put words on paper or the screen or whatever. Anything else is optional – imagination, style, all that kind of thing. On the other hand carrying a plot is hard. Maybe if it’s hard to think of anything to write about, you shouldn’t write at all, because you obviously have nothing to say.  Have been reading Gustave Flaubert ‘A Sentimental Education’ mainly because I have nothing to read and I thought I’d add to my education.  This guy takes about ten times as long to make a point as necessary.  The point is a young man’s love for an older woman, which eventually seems to wear off when her hair goes white.  Let that be a warning to anyone considering not dyeing their hair.  Most books are a lot longer than they need to be.  I hate long books and I’m not going to write one.

Why do people write blogs?  Some to stay in touch with their friends, like a kind of online party-call, obviously.  Some because they think the world ought to hear their thoughts.  But there are too many people in the world for that.  Some people want to share what they did each day, even if they didn’t do anything, even if they just went to the shops and bought some bread.  Have we got some urge to connect and be recognised, that isn’t being met in daily life. Or maybe mass communications has made us all think we deserve some exposure.

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