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what is it with global warming?

Just been reading Michael Crichton on global warming.  ‘State of Fear’ says its not happening, that the environmentalists and scientists have made it all up to get more money for research, etc.  In support of this, he produces lots of graphs and facts and citations.  What I can’t see is, why isn’t there a right and a wrong here.  Either sea levels are rising, or they’re not.  Surely science would have to be united on that one, despite MC.  Either it’s getting warmer, or it’s not.  You can argue about models of what might happen in the future, but you’d think what’s documented in the last 100 years or so ought to be pretty straightforward.  So is MC just putting out disinformation so we’ll doubt global warming and keep on fossil-fuelling, as part of an evil conspiracy, or is he genuinely mistaken, or ISN’T he mistaken and are we all idiots for believing in something that isn’t true?

Having found a very nice and sexy man, I can’t believe it’ll last.  How could it, given my record.  There will have to turn out to be something wrong with him.  He is just too good for boring old me.  If he’s still there in a year from now I’ll give myself a gold star.

Pleased to note that on Valentines Day I got four valentines (but no roses, tellingly), three from ex’s and one from current.  Current has been duly informed that I LIKE flowers: if he doesn’t give me any, that could be a good reason for me to doubt the perfect-ness of the relationship.  Just looking for a good reason, you see.  However between ‘doubting’ and doing anything about it, there will be a long gap.

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