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is an ant conscious?

Well is it? How the hell would I know! I know I’M conscious.  Or do I? What IS conscious? Conscious of what? Does it matter, anyway.  What if you weren’t conscious – you being any other human being, say my boyfriend of the moment, just for example – but you acted just as if you were.  Would there be any difference between that and actually BEING conscious?  Anyway, how WOULD you act if you were conscious, and how would it be different to how you’d act if you weren’t? 

Presumably, if you were conscious, you’d act as if there was a ‘you’ and you knew about it.  You’d act protective of it.  You’d be resentful if someone tried to kill you, for instance, because you’d want to be alive, yourself.  You’d take steps to protect your own life.  As for recognising yourself in a mirror, I don’t see that proves anything. I don’t recognise myself in the mirror – there’s no way I look as bad as that!  Babies don’t recognise themselves in mirrors but aren’t they conscious?  People say babies don’t separate themselves from their mothers – ie they don’t know there’s a difference – till they’re a certain age, and before that they don’t mind if they’re handed over to people they don’t know.  Bullshit.  They do know there’s a difference, they just can’t express it.  How would I know? I dunno, I just do.

Being conscious means…what. Conscious that you are an entity separate from other entities – say other ants? Dogs know that. Otherwise why bark at yourself.  Conscious that you have a future? A cockroach that runs away when you turn the light on knows that, otherwise why not just wait till your foot comes down.  Conscious that you have a past? Even ants probably remember stuff.  We humans are incredibly up ourselves.

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