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why i hate intellectuals

Was having conversation with boyfriend of moment (that’s what he gets called, just in case he drops me soon) about Philip Adams, and I said I hate him.  Boyfriend asked why (fair enough).  After trying to justify my hatred (really just disapproval, I don’t actually ‘hate’ him) for a while by reference to articles I haven’t read, I decided that like most Aussies I don’t like intellectuals.  Why this would be, as I kind of am one, I don’t know.  I think it might be jealousy.  Because he gets to air his views all over the place and is heard and discussed, whereas I – am not.  Just as well for me, because I’d have as much trouble justifying all my other views as I do this one.

Or it might be the idea of a ‘public’ intellectual.  As if everyone isn’t intellectual to some extent – we all THINK. Intellectuals are supposed to think harder and more and deeper.  Socrates made a living out of just thinking – and spouting – and look where he ended up (executed).  Still the latte classes are deeply necessary: otherwise no-one would annoy anyone by putting out loony opinions and then we would all live a boring and unchallenged existence.

Still I wish Philip Adams would shut up.

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