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working for the government is crap

But then so is almost everything else.  Today the minister is blurting off to the media about a report (which she hasn’t read or been officially ‘told’ about, but has gleaned from a draft copy provided by her adviser) which was produced by a research body paid by my area. Everyone here is covered in shame (which they can’t express publicly) because she’s crapping on about all the wrong stuff, getting it completely ballsed up, and embarrassing herself in the process.  The research body should be especially red-faced, because it’s well known for being ‘rigorous’ (but then there’s the money).  But that’s research.  You produce some carefully researched paper, your boss looks at it and takes out half the conclusions because they don’t fit what the government is likely to want (or what might make the minister turn faintly pink), then you give it to the minister and he or she decides that it says what she wants it to say anyway.  If it doesn’t, no one is game to object.  There must be an attitude of life that allows people to deal with this and then walk away content with our system of government and bureaucracy.  Some kind of higher plane that we all need to be on.

Oh yeah, I remember what it is now. It’s the perspective from Pluto – you can’t even see Australia from there, let alone a bureaucrat or a newspaper.

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