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Monthly Archives: March 2007

bloody overappreciated!

How can you be so happy with your man you’re unhappy? Almost unhappy anyway. Ok so this guy – Big Brain I might call him, since that seems to be his distinguishing feature according to himself – is the most amazing creature.  How can you get better than him – you can’t.  He’s like that song, nobody does it better, I almost wish somebody would.  He has amazing talents..scuba diving, concert-level piano playing, novel writing, journalism, singing, acting, socialising, fluency in Italian and French, what the hell else…oh yes biology of course, and not content with that, his recent ex-wife is also a bit of a star on her own account (though messed up and fat, thank God).  Luckily he doesn’t add fantastic good looks to this mix, though he’s attractive enough especially if you love him – as I do – and bloody good in bed.  Not only this but he practically rushes to fulfil my every wish and showers me with extravagant compliments and acts like he thinks I might run off with someone else any minute – you have got to be kidding – SO!  Ok he does have some faults but they seem to come with the talents – a bit of depression here and there (pretty justified by behaviour of ex wife and kids) and a few obsessions with curtains, pillows and health food.  Cinderella must have felt a lot like this when she had Prince Charming – like, when is he going to realise that I’m only a poor scullery maid and choose someone more suitable to his awe-inspiring gorgeousness?

I guess this wears off.  I guess sometime I get to think, what was all the fuss about, he’s just an ordinary, big headed fusspot with annoying habits.  I hope he stays long enough for that.  I way hope he doesn’t decide he needs to go back to his wife because that’s where he really belongs and so he can have his kids back (understandable – I would consider it if I were him, because losing your kids is the worst thing that could possibly ever ever ever happen. But I would hate it!).