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how to tell if your child is insane

I don’t know. Maybe all 12-13 year olds are pretty close to  insane.  Yesterday my own dear 12 year old had a screaming supersonic tantrum over not being able to access fast internet in our area, which somehow seemed to be my fault. When I failed to sympathise enough, he cried and howled even more and said that it was the end of the world (he really did say that) and that my sole purpose was to ruin his life.  So I acted all stodgy and parent-like and told him that the recommended age for stopping tantrums was about seven, but inside I was looking at him thinking, am I going to be the mother of someone who mutters to themselves at bus-stops and doesn’t wash their hair?  Poor F,we’ll say (me and his sister etc) he was so sweet when he was young, showed such promise, until his mind broke down…On the other hand, maybe it was just an inappropriate tantrum.

Had a weird dream last night that I had a baby, and it was fathered by Boyfriend of the Moment and a woman at work.  Yes, I had it – but as a result of lurid sex with this woman, she somehow inseminated? me with her eggs and the eggs and HIS eggs got together and hey presto.  So I was explaining (with some embarrassment) to my boyfriend about how the baby came about, and he said I must have been giving her extravagant oral sex (not in those exact words).  The thing is, I’m not even attracted to my co-worker – or to any female.  This almost but not quite beats the time I dreamed about having lesbian sex with my mother.  What the hell is going on in there at night!!!

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