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world full of mad people..

for instance my boyfriend’s ex-wife. But she’s not alone. Actually I think a huge proportion of people are bloody weirdos.  Anyway this particular woman has just told my boyfriend what an awful girl my daughter is – this on the basis that my daughter spoke to her daughter, who she knows slightly, at a soccer match, and said to her ‘Next time we’ll beat you’.  I would have thought that would be easily recognisable as post-sport banter, but no.  Nobody but a clinically insane mad person could possibly dislike my beautiful ten year old, anyway. 

Apparently this woman used to tell my boyfriend, when they were married, how unattractive and unable to cope with everyday life he was, and how lucky therefore to have her around to look after him.  She also used to have screaming fits during which she’d attack him (and the kids sometimes) physically.  She also used to develop intense female friendships, and when these broke up, she’d scream at the person in public and accuse them of betraying her by having other female friends.  Personally what I hold against her is that she writes badly – that’s a clear sign of a crap mind.

She had him convinced apparently for twenty five years that the only thing keeping him off life’s scrapheap was her.  It’s kind of clever, if you know how to organise it.  Whereas in fact, she was the one concerned about landing on the scrapheap.

Of course, he could be misrepresenting the poor woman…


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