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just shutup for a minute will you!!!

Said by so many boyfriends to so many girlfriends..Anyway now it’s me who just wants to cuddle quietly and maybe get it on, and him who has verbal diarroeah.  I mean, it’s really NICE diarroeah, if you can say that – like, you’re so cute, you’re so lovely, I can’t believe I’m so lucky as to have someone like you, you’ve got such beautiful breasts, you’ve got such a nice hairy etc..  So I say thanks, and look askance, because well, in some lights I look truly like shit (for instance in the lifts at work) – I look like what I am, which is a 44 year old with lines and a slight skin rash, a few spots, bushy eyebrows, receding pink eyes, a big nose and rotten taste in clothes.  So is he taking the piss?  If he is, he’s doing a very good job of it – very consistent, totally insistent.  Does he go home and have a laugh – Jesus, I can get HER to believe anything, but she’s a good root.  Or maybe is it just my beautiful personality, which makes him think he should butter me up so I shine the light of my love on him, while he secretly wishes he had someone pretty.  Then again, last night he went out with some acting friends, and some young woman fluttered eyelashes and cleavage at him.  He thought it was all pretty eye-worthy, and was telling me what a nice arse she had, and asking me what he should do if he was attracted to other women.  Feel them up, I said, or proposition them if you like.  He said he wouldn’t, because he had me.  So why the f was he telling me? Just to let me know what hot property he is?  Some men don’t know when to shut up.  The more expansive he gets, the more strong and silent I get.  We should do a reversal some time just for the thrill of it.  Amid all that talk, I had trouble feeling ‘in love’. 

Anyway today I went to see how much it would cost to get Botox.  Not that much, but once you do one thing, everything else looks crappy, so then you have to do something about the thing next door, and so on and so forth, until before you know it you’re an elixir of youth junkie unable to cope with the normal ageing process.  To botox or not to botox???

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