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The more things change…

The more they change (actually it’s the more they stay the same but that doesn’t exactly fit so I’ll have to change the cliche). Anyway I’ve been roundly beaten in the Great Cosmetic Enhancements Debate by my sweetipie, who can get very Oxford-debating-team-crossed-with-Winston-Churchill at times (and very attractive the whole Commander in Chief thing is, though a little scary at times).

Summed up, his argument goes like this.  A hundred years ago people wore whalebone corsets.  Now they don’t.  Fifty years ago people clung to black and white tvs.  Ditto.  So NOW the people who can afford it get their wrinkles ironed out and their boobs pumped up.  In another fifty years that’ll be a big yawn too.  Seems pretty unanswerable to me.  Still I kind of liked my black and white tv (which we had when I was a kid – I watched War and Peace on it and it was great!).  At one level youth is kind of boring.  I used to be boring when I was young, actually – now slightly less (not much).

On a completely different subject, how many of us would like to give Kevin a big group hug and cuddle?  When he was having a cry the other day after having been made redundant from the Prime Ministership, I really wanted to put my arms around him and say ‘never mind’ and shield him from the nasty world.  So did his wife and kids, to judge by the pats and back rubs.

On the other hand I think Julia will do a better job.  But Ive been wrong before (just about all the time actually) so guess I’ll probably be wrong about this too.

AND – I may be offered a VR. Not because I’m useless (even though I actually haven’t done any work for years) but because they want to get rid of people and I put my hand up.  Hoping hoping hoping…all the things I could do if I only had TIME! and now, just maybe, I will!!!

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