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The trouble with face blindness..

Embarrassing but sort of amusing, in retrospect..

You go to a nightclub.  You meet a handsome man (at least, you think he looks alright, though it’s kinda late and you’re kinda tipsy).  You shout in each other’s ears.  You inhale each other’s smoky fragrance.  Bits of you touch bits of him and like it.  He ends up at your place for the night.  He tells you you’re gorgeous.  You tell him he’s virile.  You give him your number (which doesn’t ring because you haven’t paid the phone bill in a month) and kiss him goodbye at break of dawn.

A couple of days later you’re at your local shopping centre when you see, standing in the supermarket queue, a man who looks very much like the guy you took home the other night.  But here’s the thing. You’re not sure. You don’t really remember what that guy looked like.  He looked, sort of like a lot of other guys look.

You hope he’ll say something, like ‘Hey!’.  He doesn’t.  He looks shifty though. Maybe that’s just him.  So you don’t say anything. He doesn’t say anything.  What can you say –

Did we have a one night stand a couple of days ago, by any chance?

You pretend to look over the chewing gum rack while surreptitiously dredging for clues. You don’t find any. You leave the shops, never to see him again (at least, not as far as you know).

I know in my heart, he WAS that guy.


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  1. Always the most awkward of situations… when the sun rises, I expect no trace of the temporary mistakes of yesterday.


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