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Imperfect perfect!

Have you ever had sex with someone fat? Someone whose dick stands up behind a big mound of belly as if it’s trying to look over the top and see what’s going on over the other side. I have.

Or someone whose dick reaches up as far as it can go and still doesn’t top your middle finger? I haven’t. But I have experienced what I like to call the ‘stick in a bucket’ phenomena.  (It’s not about the stick, or the bucket. It’s about sticks FOR buckets.)

Someone who hangs like a curtain when they’re bending over (babies, you have a lot to answer for!). How about someone whose skin isn’t smooth? Maybe they’ve got a set of moles on their back, or orange peel thighs, or pimples on their bottom where your fingers run.

How about hairy? Nipples with long threads of hair flowing out from their areole, pubic hairs curling down their inner thighs, a downy trail over their stomach pointing to a vulva you’d just love to get smothered by.  I have a thing for gorillas, shaved chests just don’t do it for me.  And I’ve made a vow to God never to cut my pubic hair, it’s a religious thing.

Or, someone with hair all over their shoulders and none on their head. Someone I know used Rogaine when they first noticed their bald patch, and ended up like this, cause the Rogaine dribbled down off their bald pate onto their shoulders – I guess.  Better some than none.

Someone with less than the full complement of teeth? Dentists aren’t what they used to be, and that’s a good thing, because they USED to pull out your tooth as the first line of defence. Sometimes they used to pull out all of them so you’d never have a toothache again. Could you have an erotic episode with someone gummy?

How about someone with spotty legs, a red nose, and eyebrows which got all mussed up while you were fucking and look like two happy caterpillars on their way to a mulberry bush?

And have you ever really enjoyed it, cause you love that person, and because flaws make them more and less ordinary to you, all at the same time?

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  1. It’s funny, but when I am with someone who I really care about many of the external imperfections don’t seem to matter as much. I know that things are starting to get bad when I have to make a conscious effort to ignore them, and the end is near when all they do is turn me off. When I first met one ex-girfriend I used to like the fact that she had thin legs but at the end all I saw were chicken legs… I don’t think I’ve gone out with anyone who hasn’t had some blemish or another, but mostly the (+)’s far outweigh the (-)’s

  2. You know I’ve never gone out with anyone who was perfect in every way so far, cause I always consider the total package. So it’s the exterior that sometimes kind of acts as the bait, but the person inside that makes me take the hook. But there was this one person… But maybe I was looking in the mirror at the time, or is that just too narcissistic 🙂

    Capt. Savage
    (Knows only one way, the right way, but I suppose that’s just my point of view)

  3. BTW, loved the hairy armpit shot 🙂

  4. Loved this…especially THIS line:

    And have you ever really enjoyed it, cause you love that person, and because flaws make them more and less ordinary to you, all at the same time?


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