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Latin Lover

You’re more trouble than you’re worth.

My shortass latin lover

Full of big words.

You say you miss me,

And you do, every day you stand me up.

You say you’re thinking of me

You haven’t rung me for a week.

You call me beautiful and you baby this, baby that

Baby I can’t make it, I’m sorry, but tomorrow

Well baby you piss me off

Hasta la vista


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Rose has two blogs,, and Enjoy!

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  2. tutankhamon661

    Strong words.

  3. YAAAAAAAY!!!!! nEffing awesome!

  4. I can live with those, what enrage me is the often overly heavy moderating. Stifles the open trade of ideas on themes that by their very nature get emotionally charged. We’re all adults here, I think we can handle it.


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