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No You Can’t!

The paradox of human life is this (done pretty well to find it by only 49, hey!!) – although, being a human, everything is possible, in fact, it isn’t. One has to choose.

For instance, it IS possible to live a free, time-rich lifestyle, junk the rat race, etc – but NOT also to be able to buy expensive (and for me, highly necessary) beauty treatments AT THE SAME TIME.

You can’t spend the same evening simultaneously staying home in your cosy little house and going out on the town in your new red dress (yes I have a new red dress and actually I’d rather stay home in it for now).

Likewise, it is possible to partake of every passing sexual fancy, OR to have a deeply committed relationship which will see you safely through to your decrepit old age – but not both. You CAN have a host of manly admirers to bolster up your ego after it’s been chipped away at by aforesaid – but you can’t guarantee none of them will like you better than they’re supposed to at any given time and thereby cause angst and vituperation (and all for a little ego boosting!).

This inability to have both A and B at once is something some of us find very difficult to get used to. But there you go.

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  1. Damn straight! Too funny, and too true. Sigh.

  2. I *will* have both A and B. Maybe it will happen for thirty seconds, before I’m murdered by a certain jealous someone, but I will have it…!

  3. This was too funny, but also so true. Let’s come up with an option C.


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