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Why is there a stranger in my house?

Have you taken your pill today?


Who will you be when I come home?

Will I know you?

Will you hurry about the house leaving a trail of words behind you like a snail on speed?

Will you spin in circles, from the dishwasher to the washing machine to the milk stain on the couch,

Program not responding.


Or will you say “I’m feeling a bit


And when I’m ready I’ll say,


And you’ll say “I don’t know”

And I’ll want to run but I won’t,

Because soon you’ll be weeping and I

Won’t know why,


I’m neither

Problem nor solution.

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  1. I love “I’m neither problem nor solution.” I’m using it.

  2. I love the personality of the narrator. The biting humor. It feels like the narrator has been through the mood swings of the other person too many times.


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