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  1. NormalDeviations

    Maybe TMI (or ammo for you to tease me)… I’ve never grown a beard. Trying to grow a moustache makes me look like a 15 year old that’s trying way too hard. I snarl when people say “baby faced”.

    • Actually facial hair doesn’t do it for me (just that stubble thing) – body hair does though. It’s funny with your TMJL etc things (yes I know I’ve got it all wrong), my previous work team was dead keen on all that stuff and wanted to know what sort I was. I couldn’t remember – probably a facet of my personality type that acronyms don’t stick in my brain. I’ve always wondered what people DO with the knowledge, other than go ‘that explains a lot!’.

      • NormalDeviations

        I’ve got body hair but couldn’t grow facial hair if my life depended on it. Argh.

        I have so much trivia and weird shit cataloged in my head…

      • You’d better not move to Afghanistan then, your life might depend on it. Yeah, me too, only catalogued would be too strong a word for it. Soup, is what I like to call what’s in my head. All sorts of things are in there but you’d never be able to sort out exactly what or pull out a chunk of something recognisable.

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