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Loved it, esp the dancing. And yes El Guapo steered me here.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

This is the day you have all been waiting for. It’s Use Me and Abuse Me Day! I hope you will participate in this virtual blog party as part of my blogiversary week! All you have to do is go through your old blog posts and pick one that may have been missed by readers. Come back here and post one link (URL), in the comment section of my blog. Feel free to include a short “hook” to entice other readers to your blog. If you have a book to sell, go for it!

 Welcome to my place. My guests would love to meet you!

That is when the party begins! As others post their links, peruse the guests and check out their blogs. You may see a writer here that you are not familiar with. Say hello!

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  1. Thanks so much for the reblog! I will check out your fabulous site!

  2. Ok Rose, dare you to make a clip with you dancing in the living room in front of the heater… If you’re game then so am I!!! I’ll even bring my video camera…

    I think that Susie looks like great fun, Thanks to El Guapo and you for pointing this blog out!



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