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What a perfect way to represent this!

The streets of Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul and Tottori.

イェメンの写真家Boushra alMutawakelがこの衝撃的な写真を通して、イズラムの社会でどんどん存在感を無くす女性を強調します。非常に悲しい・・


Yemeni photographer Boushra alMutawakel illustrates how women slowly become invisible in conservative Muslim societies. This is truly sad.

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  1. That is so clever, but so accurate, I think shame is that people feel they need to cover themselves to be safe from molestation or being looked at, in a civil society there should be no need to hide.

  2. you know, burqas might have started as a weapon against sand storms and blazing heat, then it must have transformed into a chain.

    have you noticed their men also cover almost all of their bodies? only faces are available, but when they are out in the desert they cover their faces, keeping only the eyes visible.

    when i was growing up i envied muslim women because they could wear burqa and avoid shameless stares and gawkings. admiration is one thing and brazen ogling is something else, not every one loves it.

    • Yeah, I can see that use for burqas, but you know, apparently women who wear them get Vitamin D deficiency (as do their babies) from not enough sunlight, so even in the desert, they’re not a healthy option. And why do the men wear white (which reflects sunlight, keeping you cool) and the women black (which absorbs it and makes you hot)? I guess also, if you want to avoid stares etc, you can always wear something very modest. I like stares, up to a point, but my sisters don’t, and they tend to wear quite discreet, modest things. To each her own, I think – but burqas scare me.


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