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Meat and potato sex


Corn, peas, lamb chops….or sausages if chops turn out to be too expensive, jelly for afters but I’ll have to make it now otherwise it won’t be set and remember what happened last time, crystallising in the freezer like red bean-bag filler and the kids wouldn’t eat it, they didn’t eat their dinner either, maybe I’m a bad cook maybe they’re too thin…Mum, can I leave the table, Mum, why do you only give us horrible things to eat?  They only want to watch videos.

Ah, ah, now that’s interesting, I like that, I wonder how long he’s got to go, the pillow’s making creases in my face but that’s ok for now, thump, thump, thump goes the mattress sometimes my back hurts I must be getting older but it’ll be alright afterwards……

Have to pick Troy up from soccer in an hour, pestering about soccer boots, he has to have the right boots, can’t play soccer in any old thing, but how will I get the money?  Boots in the shop over fifty dollars, won’t his gym shoes do?  But he says no, break in his voice, tears in his eyes, have to have what the others have….money, try to save but every week can I have this can I have that…Last week his father bought him Buzz Lightyear and this week it’s a remote control aeroplane, now all they want is to go to daddy’s, daddy’s where all the toys are, all the light and good cheer….

Must make more noise…he’ll think I’ve lost interest.  Wonder if he’s thinking my bum’s too big.  He says it looks like newly baked bread, don’t know what that means, think it means soft and doughy…have to go out jogging tonight.  Thump, thump, sweat falling on me like dew….  Hard to tell when he’s going to – ah!  That’s nice, that’s nice, keep going like that, pull my hair, I like that, you can be my ape man and I can be your woman….just as long as I don’t look at you with your grey hair and your paunch and your middle aged breath.…mustn’t think that, puts me off…

Last night saw a cockroach skidding across the kitchen floor, hate those things.  Stamped on it, looked like a squashed prune, knew there were plenty more behind the cupboards…where do they live?  Probably crawl over the washing up sitting in the sink waiting for me to get to it but you know in the morning there’s no time to wash the dried rice bubbles off the plates it’s hard enough getting the kids to have their breakfast get their clothes on.  Kylie nearly drives me crazy, I’ll kick my legs, you try to get my pants on mum just see if you can do it, I never was any good at sport…GET YOUR BLOODY PANTS ON WE’RE LATE!

Mmmm….speeding up now, starting to make panting noises, is it me or him…not too long now, time to get the mind into gear, concentrate, concentrate, have to get ready to come, sound like it anyway, eyes shut tight, mouth open, breathe deep, is it pleasure or is it pain…looks passionate anyway, good enough for him.  Yesterday he said he loved me but that was afterwards they never mean it then, you can’t believe anything, why would anyone love me anyway….but I liked it, wonder if he’ll say it again…three times makes true and I could say it to him then, I love you, I love you, I love you…but I don’t.

Oh fuck!  Nine oclock meeting and I forgot to ring mum to take the kids to school…Oh, oh…have to ring her after I get my clothes on straighten the bed say goodbye see you sometime never really know when, pick Troy up get the sausages from the butchers don’t know what they put in them though, probably no meat at all, oh, oh, yes, please….forgot last week and the boss gave me dirty looks she’s got no kids the bitch doesn’t know what it’s like no lover either probably, like to see her fall under a truck, not much likelihood of that….oh my God, BRUCE!

Wet between the legs, cold on the sheets between us, head on his shoulder thinking, fifteen minutes to go, better get up need to go the toilet anyway five minutes to the soccer ground should check the oil in the car haven’t done it for weeks hope it doesn’t break down on the way to the meeting like last time stuck in the traffic five hundred dollars at the garage how will I ever….  Yeah, that was great.   What’s the time now.  Mustn’t forget the sausages.

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  1. Oh Rose, that was GREAT!!! Made me laugh so hard (.”just as long as I don’t look at you with your grey hair and your paunch and your middle aged breath.…mustn’t think that, puts me off…”) I loved the way it was all just strung together with very little punctuation, it just flowed like it would in the mind of an overworked overtired broke-ass mom, with far too many things on her mind!

  2. You know, I kind of found that depressing, but suppose that’s a male point of view… We all think we are superstuds and that we can push all the magic buttons to turn women on. In a way I suppose we are wired that way, in that our orgasms are a little harder to fake, and we are required to reach that stage to finalise the act. But for some of us we’d actually like the person to enjoy the act, for it (the orgasm) not to be an act… But loved the background discussion, I couldn’t do that, too much clenching of the teeth and effort involved for us blokes, plus we can’t multitask like you women obviously can.

    (P.s. Yes men apparently can fake an orgasm, maybe I should practice,

    • It’s only fiction – if that makes you feel any better! Only sometimes, a woman is thinking of a million things, and she’s really not into the guy she’s with, she’s just there for the peripheral advantages, whatever they are – so the sex is what they call ‘blah’.

  3. I had a boyfriend once who was a raging alcoholic (yes, I learned my lesson) He would frequently lose his erection and pretend to have an orgasm so I wouldn’t know….I knew!

  4. Stream of consciousness sex. Was someond not doing it right?


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