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My neighbour..and me

He’s, like, “Typical,

Hippy single mother,

Kids swearing in the driveway

Comes home with her undies in the passenger seat.”

She’s, like, “Thick necked insurance agent,

Tight arse.

Fat wife, a four wheel drive and

Hog bristles, king in his castle.”

Dogs drive him nuts,

Yipping under the fence.

He complains.

Secretly she wishes they’d eat him,

Leave no remains.

Short of such exotic punishment, revenge is real.

Consists of house prices dropping,

As buyers eye askance

Her ill-kept domain.

Lucky he doesn’t have a sawn-off.

She thinks, the sex would be unpleasant with such a man.

On this one thing, they may be in accord.

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  1. “On this thing they may be in accord”
    Love it!

  2. and he’s lucky he doesn’t have the PUNK ROCK single mother with the headbanger kids FIGHTING in the driveway, lol!

  3. Oh! Barbed and beautiful! Leave that garden unpruned and wildly delicious…


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