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An ode to hunting

The lioness, with glistening jaws,

High heels, and freshly polished claws,

From corner bar, surveys the scene.

No longer young, her pickings, of late, lean.

She wonders, which to cut out from the herd.

A juicy, handsome buck? A shy and grateful nerd?

The young are chewy, over-muscled, difficult to catch and eat,

The old and lame less pleasing on the plate but relatively easy meat.

She fixes on her target with reddened lip and glittering eye,

Her lingering claws stroke shoulder, hand, thigh.

He breathes her musty, feline scent,

He thinks her cleavage heaven-sent.

An image, fleeting through her disco-tousled head,

Of prey dragged home, ripped bare upon her bed.

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  1. whiteladyinthehood

    freshly polished claws – I immediately had an image in my mind…that was great visual descriptions.

  2. Very visceral and vivid poetry, and I liked it, even with such a predatory metaphor used for the expression of lust. The predator must stalk and capture prey to be eaten, to satisfy her carnal desires. Maybe the hunter and the hunted can take turns consuming each other, and then experience mutual and simultaneous consummation.

    • You always make me laugh, Chris! yeah, mutual degustation sounds good to me. Sometimes lust is a bit predatory – for me anyway, I think I have a big dollop of male characteristics in my makeup. I think if I’d been born a male I might have been quite good at it.

      • Well Rose, now I’ll tell you a little secret… (and what a silly idea that is, since we’re online in public.) But what the hell, I’ll tell you anyway. While I wouldn’t say that I’m very feminine, I’ve occasionally wished that I could be a real woman for just one night, so I could actually experience a female orgasm, and know what that experience is really like. I guess after witnessing some very impressive orgasms, that I had a hand in, (so to speak) I think that you ladies are having some incredible fun, and I wish that I could try it.

        So Rose, if you know any secret incantations that could switch our genders for just one night, maybe we could work something out, and if what you think might be true about your male potential is actually true, then I could also have my female climax as well.

        Just one thing before we go any further… I have to ask my wife if she’s okay with all this. She’s usually quite open minded, but this scenario might really put her to the test. I’ll go and ask her right now, and let you know her answer.

      • I won’t tell a soul. But you know, I’ve often wished the opposite. For instance, I’ve dated men who orgasm in about 2 minutes, and hardly any who take longer than say, 10 (well I wasn’t watching the clock but it didn’t seem that long). Whereas I..try and try and try and just cannot! Not, at least, as a twosome, though as a onesome I’ve achieved some very nice results indeed. But in compensation, I can stay on a high for a very long time experiencing feelings that hover just below the ‘scream and it’s all over’ level, which is a magnificent thing in itself, and one which most men can’t imagine or appreciate. I bet your wife WOULD like to switch genders for a night, who wouldn’t! If only…but probably researchers are working day and night as we speak.

      • I think that in most cases men and women are mismatched as far as how long it takes each to get off, with most men much quicker, and most women taking much longer to get there.

        From my own experience, I know that long sessions of varied foreplay can help a man and woman come closer together. A guy can also last longer, by practicing meditation to give his mind more control over his body.

        I had a lover tell me that she didn’t feel that sex was always unsatisfying if she didn’t get off during intercourse, since it could still feel very intensely pleasurable even without her peaking during it, and she could still get off in other ways after.

        If going solo works best for you as far as getting off, at least you know that you are always available. Other women have told me that they could bring themselves into a state of experiencing a long time high very close to peaking, similar to what you’ve described, and honestly, it makes me envious.

        There was a character in Greek mythology who was originally a man, but then was turned into a woman by a goddess, and then changed back into a man 7 yrs later. Since he had experienced sex as both a man and as a woman, the gods asked him to settle an argument they were having over who has more pleasure in sex, a man or a woman? His answer was “Of ten parts a man enjoys one only.”

        Which is just what I’ve suspected… and why I’d like to try trading for a night, even though it will ever happen.

  3. Capt. Savage

    Very tasty metaphors, loved it!

  4. Powerful and unforgettable.
    Thank you.


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