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When words fail

When words fail

We turn to a deeper language.

The writing of fingertips,

Palm slapped on palm,

Hand on shoulder, arm,

Nervous, quick.

Back turned in the night,

Fist to face, king hit.

A storm of tears.


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  1. Rose, love the simplicity and structure of this poem, leading to the climax ending. But as far as violence goes, I have to quote my favourite science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, who wrote “Violence,” came the retort, “is the last refuge of the incompetent.” CS

    • Well, I know you’ve experienced it yourself. I kind of agree – but I have some sympathy with violent people. They get to a point where they can’t express themselves except through force. My ex Robert was like that, you could see he was just expressing his humiliation, depression and helplessness – not that you wanted to be the victim of it, but still I could understand how it came to that, for him.

  2. Beautiful, sad and true…

    (On a more flippant note, I used a few colourful words earlier when I thought words had failed me! Had just spilt tea over a pile of poems waiting to be files…)

  3. whiteladyinthehood

    Wow…it was sad to me but full of powerful emotions.

    •’s not personal, it just came to me as I was going to bed one night, how there is a language below or outside words, which people turn to when they can’t express themselves otherwise for one reason or another.

  4. What a simple and powerful poem, Rose. Each image speaks volumes about the state of the deteriorating relationship.

  5. I was hoping this would go in a different direction – hand on shoulder, lips pressed together, no more words necessary.

    In you comment reply to Capt Savage, I can see understanding, but sympathy? That surprises me.

    • I probably wouldn’t be so sympathetic if he’d actually hit me. He was very threatening and he did, well, technically rape me a few times, but I wasn’t hurt. I guess it could be an interesting topic for another post.


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