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Do I REALLY want to have sex with a 22 year old?

Frankly, no.

On a dating site I recently joined, a 22 year old guy emailed me to see if I’d like to get to know him better.  It was a very odd email, I’d have to say.

I stumbled upon your profile by sheer happenstance and admittedly I am quite intrigued, which is why I wish to express a desire to become better acquainted with thee, shall you permit?

Granted, there exists a disparity in age although I assure you that I am quite ‘mature’ for my 22 years.

I have recently joined this service, I have yet to complete my profile albeit I would describe myself as a debonair gentleman who endeavours to appropriate all actions to the utmost decorum; have you any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

I thanked him for his decorum, and said he was far too young.

Too young for WHAT? he asked.

Too young for…for…

Sex, actually.  I’m 49 and I may look kind of 42ish but I’m still not on for sex with 22 year olds. For one thing, when you’re lying naked together on those purple satin sheets, HIS stomach is all flat and full of muscles I can’t even name, and mine is kind of, not.  HIS skin is bursting with youth and smooth young tumescence.  My skin is just hanging around watching.  It makes me feel old.  I know.  I’ve tried it.

And then there’s the question of HAIR.   For instance, one Mr X.  He was a buff young thing, not completely boring, handsome in a sort of Neighboursey way, and I was experimenting.  We did the deed.  Afterwards, he texted me to say that at first he was shocked to find that I actually had hair down there…and THEN he wanked off to the thought.  So at least I’ve taught the younger generation something of value, huh!

Then there was the six months I spent having intermittent romantic/dirty weekends with a 32 year old, when I was just 44.  He was sweet, clever, kind and gorgeous in certain lights, when you got used to him.  One day we went to David Jones to look at Man Perfumes, as we were in the process of exchanging gifts.  Anyway we sprayed various intoxicating substances onto little bits of white paper and sniffed and laughed and got all confused, and eventually ended up at the counter with a bottle of Brut or something.

Oh no, says the saleslady, you don’t want to buy THAT.  That’s for older men!  A YOUNG man like you should wear..’ and she pulls out whatever a YOUNG man should wear, all the while looking sidewise at me as if to say ‘You should know better than to buy your little toyboy Brut, honey!’

I realised even then I wasn’t cut out to be a sugar mummy.  But evidently young men THINK that if you’re a woman of a certain age, you’re going to be hanging out for some lusty young bull.  I REALLY prefer 40 year olds, I really, really do.

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  1. charlesthecharles

    Being married for umm..well.. forever..I never had the experience to date younger women, but a friend of mine divorced several years ago and started dating 20-somethings. He told me it was hell. They wanted to go out for dinner, then drinks and dancing, then after parties. He said, “screw that. I need a 45 year old that wants to have dinner have sex and go to sleep like I do. I have to work in the morning!” Being twenty was fun. I don’t want to do it again.

  2. Well said, again … and just the way he wrote that message is a warning signal. It’s almost like the Nigerian spam emails.

  3. Deliberately Delicious

    Oh come on, Rose! Go out with him once at least! Think of the blogging material you might be missing out on here! (I know, I know… I turned down the 24 year old skater….)

  4. whiteladyinthehood

    I’m not sure I could do it either, Beautiful. If for some reason my husband and I split up, a 22 year old guy! Wow! It sounds exciting but I would be so self-conscious….(I’m 43) but, you do look really great – you have to share secrets if you do! hehe….and to be really honest – I still think there are a lot of men in our age range who are extremely sexy.

    • I think so too, I mean about the sexy men in our age range. Why bother with boys. And yeah, that’s it, I do feel self conscious. I look fine but my body’s not 20 any more, once you’ve had kids and just lived for a while, it isn’t. I’m ok with that, but I just don’t want to have to compare it to Mr Perfect.

  5. Oh, man, I soooooooooo relate! For some reason the 20-somethings really want me. When I was in the process of breaking up with The River Guy (but still stuck on his property)there was this 24 year old that I chatted with…now, this guy was smart, and interesting, and had great taste in literature and music (if I even named an author, or a band, he instantly came up with a quote) and he was CUTE…and, if the picture he emailed me was a true representation, he had a nice penis as well! (I don’t get the thing about sending penis pictures, I really don’t) Now, it took me a long time after T.R.G. to even WANT to be with another man, plus, I had a feeling that this kid wanted me to “teach” him all the naughty things that T.R.G. taught me, but, as I’m fond of saying, teaching would be the seventh level of hell for me, so, when I got to Seattle I pretty much just never responded….but, the real issue was that he’s the same age as my son, and, well, that’s just creepy!

    • Oh yeah, I forgot about that – that thing about teaching them all the things that sophisticated older women are supposed to know, and giving them the kind of good time that eighteen year olds apparently can’t. Well I’m so straight it’s boring, I’m not really interested in kinky stuff and I can’t be bothered with tricks, so I’m a dead loss as far as that’s concerned. And yeah, there is something totally creepy about getting naked with someone who’s barely out of school!

      • see, after 13 years of celibacy, I want to be taught…and thrown around like a rag doll as well! (and, as far as the kinky stuff goes, well, that’s one good thing I got out of my thing with T.R.G.—-bring it on!)

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  6. Made me laugh. The teaching thing is so not my thing, if I have to explain it too much I just lose my desire and well I just might as well do it myself. And then there are the ones that have watched too much porn. Ah no honey that is not how it is done in real life! Been there and done that. But that was my experience, I’m sure you would have much funnier stories to tell if you went there! 🙂

  7. Thanks for your appreciation of us older men, Rose, and I don’t blame you for not wanting a 22 yr old guy. I doubt that I’d want a 22 yr old girl, and most of all, if she acted like a child. I’d rather have a mature and experienced woman every time.

    “He was shocked to find that I actually had hair down there…” Sad, just plain sad… but at least he got a happy ending from the thought of it, and yes you definitely taught him something. I wish there was a way to teach them ALL something, and I mean both genders. Because I’m just sick of all the “clear cutting” instead of garden growing, and I have been, for years now. But at least it’s not a problem at home, and I thank God and my wife for that.

    • Well, what I like about you, Chris, is that you’re a one woman man. THAT is a very attractive quality. Apart from your excellent blogging abilities, that is. I do think mature men are more yummy, and WAY more interesting – and it’s essential to me for a man to be interesting if I’m going to find him sexy. I even like bald men, a tribute, it has to be said, to the demon ex – there was something good about him after all. But on hair – young men these days apparently think women come without any and get a dreadful shock if they learn the truth. After all, porn stars are usually clear felled these days.

      • Well thank you Rose, for such generous compliments! Hmm… do you owe me a substantial sum of money, and have I forgotten? Just kidding! 😀 Your compliments are sincerely appreciated!

        Yep, I’m a one woman man, after I found the right woman, and she’s been the right woman for me, for 25 years now. But before her, there was lots of experimentation that incuded many trials and errors, and my first marriage that after six years, ended in disaster. (the ruination was a team effort by both of us)

        I think that maturity is a big advantage for both men and women, because with maturity comes experience that can result in having learned skills and developed talents that most 22 year olds, both male and female, just don’t possess. And most men and women, if they are reasonably intelligent, make for much more interesting companions after having lived as adults long enough to have an interesting life experience to share.

        While not an issue for me, I know that any bald man who reads this will smile, thanks to your positive comment about liking bald men, Rose. The man who has lost the hair on his head often doesn’t get that kind of positive feedback from many women.

        Sometimes I am not sure which group has contributed more to sexual misinformation and sexual dissatisfaction in people’s lives – those who promote sexual repression and ignorance based upon their religion, or the pornography industry, with their distorted version of sexuality that is exaggerated and devoid of true intimacy and the genuine joy of making love.

        I think that both groups are guilty in opposite ways, because both groups live in the land of extremes, instead of a much more natural state of balance.

      • Yep, I agree with you – boring as it is to say so, ‘moderation in all things’ is usually best. And in the end, sex is just sex, just as food is just food – it has no innate moral meaning and shouldn’t be the centre of anybody’s life, but like all aspects of life it should be treated with respect?

  8. well when you will meet him you may discover a sixty years old man, or a forty year old woman 🙂

  9. I agree his verse drips golden drops, almost as if from a silver pen, like honey from the bee’s most careful comb, I wish that my words did come forth like Icarus will fly, and seem to all you see to be the words, of our most glorious Bard and gracious Will, but wise your were to decline this youth, Because its furry beasts you hunt in truth, CS

  10. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    ‘It makes me feel old. I know. I’ve tried it.’ Oh, I love that bit Rose! I haven’t tried it – lucky you!
    Re the hair down there, my son Daniel said no girls do that these days & I was really surprised. I can’t remember how the conversation came about, but I was really surprised. WhatEVER is wrong with “it”?…

    • Yeah that’s what I hear too. But then my daughter’s rather cool and goodlooking girlfriend doesn’t even shave her armpits, and she’s got a (similarly cool) boyfriend of around her own age, so it makes me think, maybe it’s only the tryhards of that generation who have a thing about brazilians.

  11. I have thouroughly loved reading your page and all the comments that followed! I am binding my hands and biting my lip to keep my comments to myself. LOL!!!

    Ah… I needed this site today. Some clarity of sorts!

    A 22 year old may be nice to look at from a distance and frankly it would be pretty damn flatering if they were looking my way… alas…
    I am a romantic.

    The part about teaching… this makes me chuckle as well!
    I am currently writing a book… HA!!! I love it when I say that… anyway… I am currently writing down a romantice/erotic novel.

    I am sure I will be back for inspiration… or maybe to share a section or two.


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