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The urge to be elegant

Every now and again I watch an old movie, or go to an expensive restaurant, and I get the Urge to be Elegant. I imagine what it would be like if, just once, I wore a black cocktail dress and stockings without ladders and the Right shoes, and my hair was all smooth and perfectly styled, and my makeup was just so (well, just HAVING makeup on would be a start), and I hadn’t forgotten to paint and buff my fingernails and shave my legs and tweak my brows and sandpaper off those rough bits on the back of my heels….ah!

And all would look, and be Impressed.  What a perfectly groomed specimen, they would say.  You can see SHE really looks after herself. How polished! How poised!

Well why don’t you then? says my best friend, unanswerably.

Because…because…because I’m me and I can’t be bothered.  The Right Shoes are uncomfortable and I always think of something else I’d rather spend $150 on.  Ok my hair isn’t groomed but then it only takes two minutes to get it that way – meaning I can start dressing for The Occasion twenty minutes before I have to be out the door rather than two hours before.  I don’t LIKE makeup, it makes my eyes itchy and my skin look like someone else’s skin and besides, I’m crap at putting it on.

So I’ll just dream. But one day, yes, one day – I WILL be suave! Just once.

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  1. I am elegant about once a year, but halfway through the night my hair starts to fall apart and my make up smudges. Sometimes it’s just too much work to try to be someone else 😀

  2. whiteladyinthehood

    I bet you would be simply stunning!

  3. I only hope that when you do dress to the nines, you use your powers for good.
    If you do, we’ll overlook all the traffic accident you’re gonna cause. Have to agree with whitelady – you’ll be stunning!

  4. El Guapo, yes Rose does look stunning, she and I once spent an evening in 2nd class on the Titanic, well not the real one, but at Titanic the Musical. She des look good dressed to impressed… CS

  5. By the way Rose, that is such a classic photo and her neck is simply amazing, Cs

  6. Deliberately Delicious

    Apparently, Rose, you are bewitching enough without resorting to makeup and hair smoothing products. (Just look at the comments from your male admirers!) I’m trying to become more like you. I just spent a few days camping with my kids and went with the “no makeup, air-dried hair” look. It’s hard for me. Home today, I am dying to pull out the straightening iron! I’d like to get to a place where I can confidently say, “I like who I am without an hour of prep.” I admire your attitude.


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