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Relationship half truths..

Warning: Negativity Below. Do not read if you suffer from allergies.

Sometimes, in my darker (or let’s say more argumentative/contrary moods) I want to be NEGATIVE.  We all know those phrases that we tell ourselves and our best friends and the people we care for, while thinking, somewhere in our heart of hearts ‘Do I really MEAN that?’.  For instance:

He just doesn’t deserve you.

Actually, you ARE very irritating, and did anyone ever tell you NOT to try to make your lips look bigger by drawing them on with lipstick?

Honesty is very important in a relationship.

Sure it is. As long as you don’t have anything too awful to say.  In a relationship, you have to decide early on if you’re going to be honest, or liked.  If you ARE going to get into major lying, don’t sprinkle it with occasional truth, it’ll only spoil the flavour.  The best lie is a rich, full-bodied red.

There’s someone for everyone.

There’s a lot of people on the Earth, it’s true. But most of them don’t fancy you.  Do you really think the Universe has carefully hidden the right mate, like an Easter Egg, under a bush somewhere for you to find?

Love will find you if you’re not looking

Maybe. But not if you’re sitting at home watching tv (unless you happen to live in a novel, in which case, relax, a handsome stranger will break down outside your house any day now).

You’ll find love again.

You MIGHT.  A lot of people don’t.  Romantic love is not some kind of universal human right.

I love being single.

Then why are you dating? Loving being single is about as genuine as liking dinner without dessert. Ok, sometimes we do, but come on, does anyone really WANT to live and die without sex?

You’re beautiful just the way you are.

Define beautiful. You’re just the way you are, beautiful or not.

Things happen for a reason.

Yes they do. They happen because the things before them happened. Life is not organised FOR you, to teach YOU lessons.  It just is.

Are YOU negative sometimes? Can you add to this list? Or am I just being horrible?

xoxo Rose

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  1. Haha… I have nothing to add, I think you said it all. Very funny, honest post, but I guess people like to be able to dream and most of those sentences give them something to hope for.

  2. workspousestory

    Oh, baby, where do I start.

    …it will last forever. My ass.

    …follow your dreams. Which exactly? When? How? Oh, you think they will help / support / want to go with you? Silly.

    …he will understand. Ha!

    I should probably finish here. Thank you.

  3. Oh Rose,

    How many of these lines full of shite have been said to me? God i’ve lost count, but here are a few from my collection… ‘you look good just the way you are’ seems to be code god you couldnt look any worse if you tried, ‘that look suits you’, come on pull my other leg it plays jiggle bells, that look doesn’t suit anyone, but especially noy you. ‘don’t worry there are plenty more fish in the sea’, bullshit, then give me a bloody big trawler and help me catch some, cause there certianly aren’t any around me. ‘she doesn’t know what she is missing out on’ well yes she does she chose to dump me…

    Ok, I better quit now because I haven’t even got close to the bottom of the barrell yet, CS 🙂

  4. PostModernSingle

    “you deserve better” – doesn’t mean you’re going to get it
    “listen to what your heart is telling you it wants” – my heart is telling me it is fucked up and can’t decide what it wants and/or has decided it wants what it can’t have
    “time will heal all wounds” – tell that to the guy who lost his leg to gangrene, most wounds get worse with time unless actively treated and some wounds simply have no treatment

    Oh… this could start getting very negative. Great list. I loved “The best lie is a rich, full-bodied red.”

  5. whiteladyinthehood

    I know I have negative thoughts. (I would imagine everyone does at times) Sometimes I remember the negative ones over the positive ones – it’s hard not to. As I’ve gotten older, I think inner beauty is better than outer beauty – some people are desirable because they have humor and compassion. (at least to me) and I don’t think everything in this life is preordained to happen for a reason – like you said – it just is.

    • I feel the same way about inner beauty. Outer beauty matters a bit though – sometimes I meet a guy who seems lovely but who is really really plain – then I have to say, romance is not on the cards.

  6. If you love someone set them free, etc…
    – such bullshit. I can’t even type the whole thing. If they want to come back to you then they wouldn’t have left you in the first place.

    If it is meant to be then it will be…
    – destiny, karma, fate are airy fairy dreamy concepts designed to make people who are lonely feel a false sense of hope. If it is really going to happen then get off your ass and make it happen.

    What goes around, comes around…
    – no it doesn’t. Sometimes people get away with being an asshole.

    • Oh yeah I hate that first one. The second one – I have issues like you with the idea of a purposeful universe. But I do think what goes around comes around, mostly. Anyway, thank you for contributing to my wallow – long live reality!


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