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Strange stories: The Many Shades of Boss

“I’m not your secretary.”

I looked up, startled.

“I didn’t say you were my secretary, did I?”

She smiled, lips as red as a British telephone box.

“You said ‘I’ll arrange for my secretary to send it over.  I’m not your secretary. I’m your personal assistant.”

Secretary, personal assistant, whatever.

“Sorry, slip of the tongue. Won’t happen again.” Me, CEO of Barrett Enterprises, apologising to PA?  Who hired this woman?

She leaned over the desk, staring straight into my eyes with those bold, dark eyes.  I don’t think she was wearing a bra.  I looked away first.

“It better not.”

She left, shutting the door.  I pulled a tissue over my forehead, then called Human Resources.

“That sec – I mean that PA you sent me.”

“Yes? How’s that working out? She’s very well qualified, isn’t she!”

“Uh…yeah, she is.  I just called to say she’s – well she’s great actually, working out just fine. Just thought I’d ring and let you know.  Good work.  As always!”

I put the phone down.  Why did I do that?  The woman was insolent.  She was brazen.  She was..well endowed.  She should dress more appropriately for the office, I thought, swallowing a glass of water in rather a hurry.  I must speak to her about that.

I found myself thinking about her constantly.  It had been a week now, a week of agony.  Every morning she walked in, hips swaying as if she owned the place, anybody would think SHE was the CEO.  Then she issued her orders.  You have a meeting at 10am.  Don’t be late.  Read the financial reports, I’ll check on that with you tomorrow.  Where’s that project up to?  Didn’t I ask you to look at that yesterday?

My balls ached like a cow’s udders at milking time.  I’d given up trying not to stare at her ass.  She didn’t even notice.  Just looked back at me over her shoulder, teasing me, daring me to say something.  My mouth went dry.  I couldn’t.  She knew it and laughed, white teeth over lips like blood, eyes like a big cat.

I had to go to the bathroom.  A lot.  People looked at each other, I suppose they thought I had prostate problems. I didn’t care.  It was my sanctuary.  Nowhere else could I escape her, my lust, my bane.  In this little tiled cell, my own executive bathroom, exclusive to me, the CEO, I was safe and alone and could seek relief.

I sat there trembling – and heard the door swing open.  Her heels on the tiles.  What did she think she was doing?

“Open up.”

“How dare you!”

I felt her hot gaze penetrate the oak door like a bullet.

“Open up.  You know you want to.”

i wasn’t myself. The person I wasn’t, stood up and opened the door.  She stood facing me.

“You look delicious in that suit.”

“thank -”

“Take it off.”


This was going too far.  I stepped out, ready to push past her.  With one hand, she took the collar of my shirt and pulled sharply downwards. It was an Armani shirt, $500 direct from Italy.  Buttons popped.  My god she was strong!

“Are those expensive pants, too?”

She gestured, meaningfully, hand on hip.

The man who wasn’t me, let them fall.  I was afraid.  I was erect.  She saw it, and laughed, with feline cruelty and joy in total command.

“Now who’s the boss?”

She slipped her dress from her shoulders.  I was right, no bra.  Her breasts were beautiful and frightening.  I reached out to caress them.  She slapped my hand away.

“I said, who’s the boss?”

“I am.”  I said.  Because, after all, I was the CEO, and she, the secretary.  Personal assistant.  Whatever.  Nothing could change that.

“You are?”  She put her hand down, closed her fist around me, came very close, eye to eye, breast to breast. I shivered – with desire, with fear, I don’t know.

“As to that, I think you’ll find,” she purred, pushing me back against the urinal, “that there are many shades of grey.”

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  1. Rose, this is such a hot post, thanks for sharing. Why doesn’t this EVER happen to me? Maybe because I’m not a CEO… But I still have my dreams, and your stories you tease 🙂

    • Deliberately Delicious

      Captain Savage, perhaps this is the perk you’ve been looking for to propel yourself to the top of the organization…the promise of a personal assistant like Rose can dream up! Great story, Rose – love the way you play with power!

    • You’re probably advertising for the wrong type of women. Try putting in ‘love leather and a little light domination’ and see what you get.


  2. EGAD.
    Going to be a bit distracted at my desk for a bit now…


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