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So that’s it, then.

All grown up, nineteen.
Vocabulary, obscene.
Beer in bar, bum on bike
Adult now, do what I like!
Smoke cigarettes,
Stay up till four
And sometimes don’t come home at all.

So that’s it then!

White dress, big day,
All those words that people say,
Back turned, in the night,
Smothered yawns, no one’s right.
Take my things, you take yours,
Sign the forms, shut the doors.

So that’s it then?

Hard work, long planned rest.
Move somewhere warm, north is best.
Creaky knees, thyroid glands
Wattled neck, veined hands,
Clotted cream, in your thigh,
And then one sunny day, you die.

So that’s it, then.

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  1. lol, that is one way to to explain life!

  2. Nice one Rose, life in shorthand, and then you die… I’m kind of hoping for the longer version 🙂 But a well constructed and thought out piece, you have a talent and thanks for sharing it.

  3. A good guideline.
    they should give this out to first graders.

  4. you are right, you are right; I’m going to sit


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