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A dream of death

The clouds drifted like poison dust across a sky dark with prophecy.

Three women, princesses, stood on the high walls,  granite so high and sheer that the road below was silent and grey as air.  We watched as they, the deathly ones, marched the royal road below us, their stone teeth broken and bloody, their ice eyes rotten with hate.

No retainers came to shoot fire arrows through the cloud-dark battlements, no knights massed at the black iron gate, shut still, and forever.  We were alone here now.  We waited, and watched.

As I looked down on the marching ones, the king of ghouls raised his eyes to mine, implacable, amused, hungry.

What are the three of you, to us?  Windblown on your castle walls, lonely, while the sun is fading to red you will be safe.

But as night falls….

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I'm an Aussie writer of fiction. Feel free to check out my books at or drop by my blogs,, and Enjoy!

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  1. whiteladyinthehood

    The clouds drifted like poison dust across a sky dark with prophecy – great opening line!

  2. Deliberately Delicious

    I’m catching up on your blog right now and am struck by how effortlessly you can shift genre, tone, voice. I love the poetic quality of the language in this piece.

    • You don’t know it’s effortless, Sally – for all you know I might have been sitting on the toilet seat, metaphorically speaking, squeezing this one out for hours! 🙂


  3. Wow… Brief but incredibly atmospheric and very riveting reading. And the image is a perfect selection for your writing here. Very cool…

  4. BOO!

    Lovely! I feel creeped-out and scared. AND, i am NOT annoyed! MWAH!

    IAMNOTSHE raises her head from her long, restless slumber and howls at the top of her vampirous lungs ___________________________ … to be discovered at IAMNOTSHE … “the UN ANNOYED”. Grrrrr.

  5. Wow that is beautiful and I agree with whitelady that is a brilliant opening line, it sure got my attention. Also thanks for the ‘like’ on my blog 🙂


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