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Monthly Archives: February 2013


It wasn’t like that when we left it.

No dear. But that was a while ago.  Things grow.

Like the time you moved the refrigerator and there were all those..

Yes.  Like that.

Ewww.  What are we going to do about them? They’re everywhere!  Look at the nasty filthy things running all about as if they own the place!

Such dirty little things.  Droppings everywhere.  Destructive, too.

We could go away and leave it a while.  You know some of these things just, sort of, flourish for a while and then they run out of food and the next thing you know, all gone.

Like a virus.  Sort of self-limiting.


But this was such a nice little planet.  And look what they’ve done to it.  If we just leave them to it, it’ll take ages to clean up and put it back the way it was.

You’re right.  Better call in the exterminators.  Anyone got the number?

1800 DALEKS, isn’t it?