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A Writer’s Dilemma

What would YOU do if….

You met a man.  He was young! Handsome! (well, interesting looking). Slim (not to say skinny).  You shared bucket lists – and THEY WERE THE SAME (substantially).

He likes to ask WHY.

YOU like to ask why.

He’s interested in life after death.

YOU’RE interested in death after life.

He has an enormous TV screen to which he has hooked up his hi-tech computer to produce amazing instant footage of You Tube and TED talks (don’t tell Ms M, but he uses a Mac – the Anti-Christ).

He loves animals.

You have the hots for him.

And not only that, but…he’s a WRITER.  A published writer!

Sounds good, doesn’t it.  You read his first novel and it’s great. A few tweaks here and there and it’d be almost as good as YOUR first novel.  You think wow! But do you stop? No, you don’t. You read his second novel.  And it is AWFUL!  He uses too many adverbs and adjectives.  There are redundant phrases and sentences.  There are plot holes and unlikelihoods.  There are stereotypes – lots of them. Large elements of the plot have been lifted from the Hunger Games.

NOW what do you do?  You still like him, a lot, but this writing…just no!  Worse, he’s intimated that with a few tweaks, YOUR stories could perhaps reach similar standards of excellence.  Hmmm.

I think we have a sequel to A Clash of Kings. It’s going to be called ‘A Clash of Egos’ and it’s going to be even MORE bloodthirsty than Game of Thrones.  I mean, it’s got to be – there are WRITERS in it.

I mean really.  What’s more important – intellectual respect – or that certain feeling in the seat of the pants?

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  1. Wow! Quelle dilemma! Too bad you read novel #2 before you addressed that certain feeling in your panties! What’s a girl to do?!

  2. Is he open to criticism?
    Or would he be better suited as a midnight call?

  3. whiteladyinthehood

    I say to hell with his sesond book and jump his bones!

  4. Oooooh awkward. Personally I find it a turn off if someone thinks their writing is rather better than it is… tends to reflect other areas of their lives in my experience. Such a shame though…

    • That could be. I don’t think I’ve been to bed with more than one writer – he was actually pretty good (a better writer than he was a lover, actually, but more than pleasant at both). But then, it’s not about writing ability, it’s about vanity – or something. Which must mean I’m probably crap in bed!


  5. Oh my God. Is he E.L. James? I can think of no one else who writes crap but thinks they are ahead of the curve 😉

  6. you’re right, the pants were definitely saying give me a shot! ANd I would have, but I had somewhere to be, and then it all melted away. just as well really.

  7. One of my teachers said you should NEVER have someone you’re dating or want to date read your work. He said it half in jest…I think!

    • Really? Why? Maybe for that very reason – if you don’t like it, you start not to like THEM. But then, your work is kind of you, so if they don’t like your stories, maybe it’s just as well you don’t date.?


      • I agree…it’s such a funny line though…I mean, I stopped blogging for about 3 months last fall, because the guy who disappeared after our lovely date was a reader of my blog! I couldn’t very well write about it like I have with others, because prior to that point I only blogged about conversations that I had at least TRIED to make happen, and he made even that possible. It was confusing!
        Now, I think I’ll keep my blog address secret until there’s some kind of commitment (wouldn’t want the guy I’m dating now to read the poem I wrote about him…or the poem I wrote about the cute man from class, lol!) but I think sharing things with him is a different story.

  8. Same position here – this thing actually happened a while ago, but nothing came of it, so if he ever did read my blog, I assume he’s not doing it now. But yes – don’t tell them till they sign a waiver!!!


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