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Oh Roooooossssse! I came across this post from going on four years ago. The post is interesting, but the really interesting things are in the comments section. Girl, we got some wisdom going on between us.
I’ve also figured out some writing projects and stories. Cuts down tremendously on the blogging time, but life changes. Talk to you soon, lady!

Oh I DO Blather on, don't I?!?

I woke up this morning realizing the REASON for all the coincidences between The River Guy and The Hurting Guy: They are two sides of the same coin!

The Hurting Guy, analytical, whip smart, logical, practical, willing and able to weigh and balance, slightly on the dry side…even his humor is dry, which I, of course, love!  He also has the issue of getting “stuck” emotionally, due to all that thinking (I can certainly relate to that!)

The River Guy, on the other hand, all about passion, and the now, how things feel…plans and ideas and goals change on a whim, at a moments notice, or, often, without even that moment to prepare…hard to deal with as a partner, but never less than exciting.

The other downsides to The River Guy are that he wants things to go HIS way at all times, even when he’s vague and hazy about…

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I've spent years as a clothing/costume designer with my own business, but a recent life change has put me on a journey of self discovery and returned me to my first love: writing!

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