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Whatever..its asleep anyway.

Rose is an introverted, bitter, grumpy (though not after sex on a sunny Sunday morning at 11am), arrogant intellectual slut you wouldn’t want to know (and she wouldn’t want to know you either).

No, actually she would want to know you.  For observational purposes. Although, after half an hour’s observation, she’d probably get bored.

Rose is the worse half of nearly everybody, the one only the bathroom mirror knows about.  She thinks most people are fairly thick (compared with her, naturally). She boasts a lot (but only to her cat).  She’s self-righteous, bitchy and she forgets things at meetings, but that’s ok because she’s so brilliant there isn’t ROOM in that head for every damn irrelevant detail!

She works in the office of the living dead and earns just enough money to buy el cheapo anti-ageing treatments and sometimes get her eyebrows waxed (while her kids eat pizza for dinner and go to school without shoes – never mind, that’s what the Salvos are for).

She is hoping that one day her badly brought up children will buy her a mansion in which to live out her anti-social old age, carping and generally spreading malice and ill will to mankind.

Oh,and she’s not beautiful. That’s a quote from Muriel’s Wedding. If she were beautiful she’d probably be much less bitter and twisted, also perhaps married to one of those guys everybody wants, the handsome ones who do what they’re told most of the time and buy flowers.  That grinding noise is her teeth.

You can view another of Rose’s revolting alter-egos here!

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  1. I’m in love with this blog, took 5 minutes! You little genius you! 😉

  2. Oh man! I am so glad you commented on my blog post, because I am absolutely CERTAIN I’m going to LOVE yours!!!!!

  3. You seem awesome. Let’s be friends.

  4. Haha… this is very witty and an interesting perspective to read! I am excited to read. 🙂

  5. Brilliant – this page made me giggle and I can’t wait to read your posts. Thanks for stepping on to my blog – I got an introduction to yours 🙂

  6. givingnottaking

    “your terrible Muriel” Nice work!

  7. This page made me smile, I want to read more now 🙂

  8. “she’s so brilliant there isn’t ROOM in that head for every damn irrelevant detail!” I just love this line. 😀

  9. Hi ‘Rose’!! This is a fantastic blog, and thank you for the award. I’ve added you to my thanks page. It’s good to read such an unusual and witty blog. Cheryl

  10. Just realized this blog is you butimbeautiful! I am a reader of your other blog. Thought I would follow you a while here too! btw, I am Carlarenee from Seasons change and so do I. Looking forward to reading this blog too!

  11. I stumbled into your Blog somehow and I’m really glad I did. I can see immedialely that you are someone whose advice I can seek on a wide range of issues. With your help I may start to lead a more productive and healthy life. Thankyou in advance


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