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What does blogging have to do with infatuation?

Not much – but here’s one major link I can’t ignore.

When I’m infatuated, it’s REALLY hard to blog!

He looks like Mr Tumnus out of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I’m still looking for the nubby little horns on his head, in amongst all that curly grey-brown hair.

He cuddles like a dream.  He doesn’t wear any underpants and has six shirts.  He’s a DUDE, with a dude’s voice, deep and sweet.

He’s worried I only like him for his sex appeal.

This roller coaster is hovering at the top of the curve, with a view of Sydney Harbour and a man-scented breeze tickling my cheek.  Up here, the internet seems very small.

If I start to haunt the net-waves on a daily basis, you’ll know I’m either very dedicated (I am), or I’ve swooped face first into the valley of lost love and sicked-up popcorn.

All sunshiny for once?

Notsofancy Nancy (although she does seem rather fancy, in the sense of special, to me) has nominated me for the Sunshine Award. That is, she nominated Butimbeautiful and SHE – being the saint she is – decided to pass the award on to me, as I’m much less popular than she is.  Luckily, Nancy doesn’t seem to mind.


Nancy is a dog lover (yay Nancy!!!), she lives in the desert and she’s publishing her father’s letters from the 2nd World War, which I think is a lovely tribute to him as well as being a real window into the times.

SO – the rules of the award state that you have to link to your nominating blogger – thanks a HEAP Nancy – answer some questions, and then pass the award on to ten other bloggers.  When I do it, I usually give it to people who’ve either got it already or WORSE, have already got it from ME!  And THEN I get their sex wrong.  Bless me father for I am about to sin, and forgive me my crappy memory!

Anyway here are the questions, and as usual, I’m going to twist them to my own evil purposes.

Favorite State: Asleep. You can’t feel anything when you’re asleep. Also, I think of really good ideas, which come to me during the night and are liable to disappear before breakfast.

Favorite Saying: Just chill. Whatever! I’m probably some dead rapper’s Hell – he wants to say cool stuff but he’s stuck inside this about-to-be-fifty year old dudette and it just looks lame.

Favorite Bird: Chuffs. Or choughs. They’re so shiny and black and they snuffle.  Also sparrows, which are tiny and cute. Cockatoos are good but eat my verandah. Birds are extremely canny, they just look at you sideways and you know THEY know you’re a fraud…

Paper or Plastic: Plastic. I just LURVE all those deadly chemicals that eat your sperm and scramble your eggs.

The Best Advice you have been given: I’m notorious for never listening to advice. I always think I know best. I don’t, though. C’est la vie.

Favorite Holiday: To the NSW South Coast when I was a kid. Here’s a picture of where we used to go every school hols. It was AWESOME!

Favorite Activity:  Sex, followed by or if possible combined with sleeping.

My 10 Nominees: TA DA!!!

  1. Joe Beans 2002, because he’s very clever indeed.
  2. Hollyanne Gets Poetic, the best poetess in the entire world.
  3. Chris Sheridan, who never fails to entertain with stories of his (made-up?) adventures
  4. Babe Darla. I want your life, Darla. Give it to me!
  5. The Boeskool, just because he’s witty and thinks the same thing as I do about stuff.
  6. Kooky Clara– I just LIKE kooky people.
  7. Meltdown Messiah.  That was me last night.
  8. Another Boomer Blog. I can never decide whether I am one or I’m not one.
  9. Zoeaed – sounds like a triad but with Zoe’s in it.
  10. Cherylmore. Because we want more Cheryl!!

That’s all folks! Hope you like them, because I do!  And awardees, you have a CHOICE of questions! Yes, you can either answer the ones Fancynancy laid out – OR you can answer the ones HER awarder gave, or you can give up and answer these ones (I love asking questions!).

  • What’s the weirdest thing you ever ate?
  • If you were Cinderella/Prince Charming, what outfit would you wear to the ball?
  • What colour is your parachute?
  • What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without having a shower?
  • Do you snore?
  • What’s your favourite cartoon character?
  • Is toilet humour ever funny? (or does your toilet forget the punch line, like me)

Introducing the Magnificent, the Talented, the Blogolicious!


Star on the Forehead is possibly the most MULTI person I’ve met (in cyberspace).  She has:

LOTS OF AWARDS – 16 of them to be precise!

She dates!

She eats!

She reviews books!

She writes poetry!

She volunteers!

And amid all this fervid activity, Star has been kind enough to give ME a Sunshine Award.  This blog has yet to feature a Sunshine Award so I’m grabbing it with both hands and running away with it, FAST.

The rules of the Award are to pass it on to ten people and then tell the world ten things about yourself.  Ten is a lot but here goes:

Adreyo’s Poetry.  I mean, how good is this!

Most human beings
Live too far away
From the tunnel
That leads
Out of Blunderland.

Kylemew, who has a dirty mind but a very engaging grin.

Thypolar’s Life Uncensored.  Struggling through trying to learn life’s lessons – aren’t we all.

Interesting Boredom.  Try, it’s very moving.

Southern Wild, who is my idea of a sweet southern belle (not being from the US myself I don’t exactly know, but…).

Tutankhamon, who features some seriously gorgeous music (and women)

Peanutbutter Stilettos, on the joys and sorrows of being young (which I’ve mostly forgotten now)

Text History, because she writes SO well (and is awe-inspiringly literate)

Banana Wolf.  He/she writes these little playlets and they are, like, SO funny!!

Oh and Shorty and Sparky. They’re a very liberated couple but I find their relationship very sweet and lovable.

So now, ten things about me.  Only, that would be boring. So how about ten things I’d LIKE to be able to say about me.  In the words of that person who’s going to deliver my epitaph or is it eulogy or whatever – well take it away Pagan Pastor Pratt…

And in conclusion, I’d just like to say a few words about this remarkable and yet humble woman –

  1. Rose was the perfect parent! In fact, people base whole Books on her parenting style. Dr Spock, move over.
  2. Rose met this fantastically sexy, intelligent, good-hearted and heart-warmingly faithful guy at the age of 49 and they’ve been together ever since!  Vladimir, would you like to say a few words?
  3. I’ve never met anyone quite as eerily beautiful as Rose!  Then again, I’ve lived on the top of a post in Mullumbimby for the last 50 years, so…
  4. Rose’s gifted son Mr F found the Elixir of Youth.  He gave all of it to her dogs and cat, who are now living happily ever after.
  5. Unlike most people’s noses, Rose’s grew smaller with age, and stopped growing when it was a retrousse button of stupendous cuteness.
  6. Rose does not have any superfluous hair. Except on her head.
  7. Rose was (or so I’ve been told, er, hrmmm) a simply superb lover.  Whole issues of Playboy have been devoted to praises of her blowjobs, and there are still men wandering about dazed but blissful after just one night of fevered lust with the Goddess.
  8. Rose was of course one of the world’s greatest novelists and essayists, a sort of divinely inspired combination of Emily Bronte and Truman Capote.  Her fame will never die!
  9. I never heard a mean word drop from Rose’s ruby lips.
  10. Rose just LOVED eating her fruit and vegetables.